of high-glass dreams in bucket lists

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On a fine sunny morning 10 long years ago, seated at the bottom of the class, bored out of our brains as the lecturer droned on (like a Vuvuzela on loop), we created our respective bucket lists. Now the thing about bucket lists is that the items rarely, if ever, are checked. So when my partner in crime manages to put a tick against one of the coolest things on her list, I have hope… for my faded, err…misplaced bucket list – maybe… someday!

What was so ‘cool’ on that bucket list that was worthy of a blog post, you ask. More than the item on the bucket list, I admire Ekta Doctor’s dogged determination to pursue her dream, no matter how long it took or how far she had to go! Not satisfied with fighting suits and clients in the crazy world of advertising and later corporate branding, Ekta threw herself into a school to learn glass blowing! Now, it takes more than just time and money to leave behind a blossoming career to venture into something that you’re passionate about, but don’t know where it will take you. But as they say, ‘minds unafraid to travel, even though the trail be not blazed’, are those which forge the path.

So a year of making friends with hot furnaces, kilns, and a variety of glass and sand, Ekta returned from the UK with a few burns, a passion to create and a mind full of ideas. And now she’s got her very own studio – WonkyWorks! Her work is infused with her persona and splashed with vibrant colours that can shame a rainbow. I am in awe of the pieces she creates and in due time intend to make a few of them a part of my home (when I have one!). Each piece, in its abstractness, has a story to tell. Here are a couple of favourites and then some. I’ll let each one speak for itself. Check out WonkyWorks’ creations, and if you like her work, feel free to holler.

All her pieces are for sale and I am sure she’ll be happy to create something for you, just in case you want an exclusive! Oh, if you do enjoy her work, let her know what you think. There’s nothing more satisfying for an artist than knowing that his/her creations are something people aspire to own.

Hats off to you Ekta! Here’s to the passion that drives her to fulfil every to do on that bucket list. Respect.


Upon reading this post, Ekta suggested we reconnect in person to share our, no scratch that, her ever-growing bucket list. Erm… I need to re-create mine… I’m on it Ekta!

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here’s to those quiet kinds and the people that stick by ‘em! how would you sell a flatscreen tv?

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July 2010

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